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Like us, you've seen too much of the same thing on IG and other photographer's websites, but when you came here, you felt home. You got a breath of fresh air as you saw complete strangers comfortable in their own skin, filled with joy, and you began seeing yourself in these images too. You felt welcomed, loved, seen, accepted, known (& like you know us too!), cherished, valued, and at peace. Welcome, friends!

for couples who want to be present

We are photographers who have the experience, perspective, and presence to give you images that are not only beautiful, but timeless & authentic to you.

Who I am...




The best images are made when you can be yourselves, be vulnerable in front of our lens, & have a foundation of trust!

"They really took the time to get to know us as a couple, made sure our photos were "us", and made us completely comfortable."

Why couples trust us

"Reese & Renee were AMAZING. Their photos speak for themselves - we are so so so happy with ours. Beyond incredible photos, they are lovely people that you will want to be friends with for life. (Trust me, you spend your entire wedding day with your photographer, you want to like them!) They really took the time to get to know us as a couple, made sure our photos were "us", and made us completely comfortable.
Professionally, working with Reese & Renee was super smooth. They were always quick to respond, answered all of our questions, and were flexible. I truly feel like I am reliving my wedding day when I look through my photos - they capture all the love and joy perfectly!"

Megan & Dan

Saugatuck, Michigan

"A true artist, but it also feels like he could be your next door neighbor. Naturally charming and extremely professional. Noticeably having a ball behind the camera and it's contagious! One of the kindest, most thoughtful, and genuine people that you'll find."

-Derek & Anh

What you get is far more than just the photographs; you get a positive, personable, creative, calming & stress free presence that allows the space for you to be present and enjoy moments naturally. This is what makes great images.




How you get the best photos

genuine emotion>Stiff Poses

You care more about the one you are to marry than your makeup smudging from your tears. You care more about holding hands than holding your dress out of the grass. You want classic, creative images that tell the truth (like mom or dad crying, grandma laughing like crazy, warm hugs with your friends, amazing dance floor moments, heartfelt vows, and pure joy as you walk down the aisle as HUSBAND & WIFE!). I know this is true because I've lived it and desire it too. Timeless photos aren't about poses, but emotions.


be yourself & Be Present

Though we've written much here for you, we believe talk is cheap and the best reviews, words, explanations can only be given in the photographs you've seen us document since 2013. We take time to know you as a couple, your unique personalties, your relationship, what you value, who you cherish, and then see your wedding day through that kaleidoscope of a lens. The best photos happen when you are comfortable being yourselves and focus on being present!


pay homage

This day is truly bigger than just you: it's about all the people who have paved the way before you, supported you, and loved you, and it's about all those who will come after you that get the gift to reflect on this commitment you're making and be supported & loved by you. And my 8 years of experience has helped me see the bigger picture...the better story! Sure, you'll be in the "spotlight" but so many moments & emotions are happening all around you and we'll help you pay homage to those you love.


your investment

it goes beyond the photos -

it's about legacy

You are investing in something that will have long-term multigenerational dividends & interest. You are investing in the intrinsic and infinite value of your marriage and relationships. These are memories and moments you will not get back, except through photographs.


All Options Include


unlimited email communication

• flexible video planning calls


Stress free, calming presence



Option One

• 2 Photographers

• Up to 11 hours of consecutive coverage

• Engagement session

• Outfit & planning coordination for engagement session

• 10x10 (60) page album

• Video consultation & design planning for your album

• Two duplicate 8x8 parent albums

• Up to 3 hours of consecutive rehearsal coverage

"The human side is the reason Reese is priceless. Incredibly charming, kind, & just gives you this warm fuzzy feeling. Sweet follow-ups and thoughtfully packaged deliverables throughout our adventure highlight what a wonderful person he is."


save 2500

Option Two

most popular

• 1 Photographer

• Up to 10 hours of consecutive coverage

• 10x10 (60) page custom fine art album

• Video consultation & design planning for your album

• Up to 2 hours of consecutive rehearsal coverage


save 1850

Option Four

• 1 Photographer

• Up to 6 hours of consecutive coverage


our approach & Your experience

we get to know you


The most meaningful photos aren't always impressive and the most impressive photos aren't always meaningful. We find out what truly matters to you so we can give you photographs that are timeless & authentic to YOU [for many years to come].

we've been in your place before


We've been where you are and on the other side: dating, engaged, wedding planning, married, and parenthood, which means we can empathize with almost everyone present.

we have the experience you need


Photographing since 2013, married since 2014, and as foster/adoptive parents, we bring a unique perspective and insight into human emotions, moments, and the impact of time on your wedding photographs.

We give you the direction you need to get beautiful photos while also giving you space to enjoy the day and the moments that unfold. Our presence will allow you to be calm, stress-free, and confident. You get the joy of being present while you trust us to document & preserve your day in a beautiful & creative way.

there when you need us


what others have said

"worth every penny"

"kept us present in each moment"

"flexible & personable"

"allowed us to be ourselves"

A la carte

These can be added onto any package. A 15% discount is included in the packaged prices and anything you add on to them.

*Items added at a later date will be charged at the full price*

Add'l hour of coverage

Engagement session

second photographer

item 02

Item 01

item 03

A second photographer is great for weddings with more guests. More guests means more moments & people to be documented, so it's nice to have an extra set of eyes for those in-between, spontaneous moments. Also beneficial if you're getting ready at separate locations.

Can be added on to any option at any time before your wedding day. This can be beneficial if you start seeing that the timeline is too cramped & you want to make more space to relax, be present, and not rushing around or feeling hurried.

I highly recommend an engagement session as a deeper way for us to connect, to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and foster trust leading up to your wedding day. This is a space to slow down amidst wedding planning and reflect on the goodness of one another.






Images are a preserver of the past. And you feel this weight a lot more when you hold them in your hands and hang them on your walls. Screens detach you from what's real, but albums and printed photos are real and tactile. Just as real as the moments and people are to you, so too should your photos be tangible & felt in your hands.


We guarantee the craftsmanship of your album for life! Which gives you peace of mind & confidence in passing on your heirloom.

II. duplicate album

I. fine art lay flat album

A great gift to moms and dads to show your appreciation for their love, support, and guidance. They're a part of your legacy too.

Albums are printed on museum quality Fine Art Matte paper; rated to last generations without discoloring, yellowing or fading. Archival inks achieve smooth tonal transitions and superior color and clarity. Printing produces unsurpassed black ink density for rich blacks and deep color saturation.







• 10x10
• 30 pages
• Up to 100 images
• Cloth or Bonded Leather Cover

• 1 Custom Stamp

• Design Consultation Call

• Spread Approval Before Production

• 8x8
•Exact duplicate of the spreads and stamp on your album

Perfect For:

Rehearsal Coverage

All weekend weddings, destination weddings, casual day before images

Having us at the rehearsal dinner can be a great way to break the ice with your family & friends as they get comfortable around us. Many times, people just think we're unknown friends until we show up the next day. This really makes for some amazing moments on the wedding day as people are more relaxed.

1500 for up to 3 consecutive hours


photos were made to be printed


I offer tips and design consults for couples looking to make gallery walls (which you know I love!), order custom framed prints, or additional ways to preserve your album to pass along for many years.

memorable goods

you get your own access to our online print store

Fine Art

Framed Prints

Matted Prints

Our online store makes it easy to order your favorite prints and gives samples of your images in the designs. This is your one stop shop.






We would love to serve you! Here's what's next...






Joy Filled

Stress Free


Giving couples the gift to be present since 2013