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how do we reserve our date?

how many weddings do you photograph each year?

Do you photograph together?

How do you connect with couples?

If you resonate with our work & philosophy, inquire above and we'll respond within 24-48 hrs. To reserve your date, we require at least a 40% retainer and signed contract - both are done online. We can't hold dates without these two things.

To live intentional lives, be present with our kids, and cultivate our souls, we take on 12-18 weddings per year. This not only allows us to be present in our own lives, but to fully invest in, commit to, and be refreshed for each couple we get to serve. 

Renee is very involved on the back end of our work and her availability really depends on the needs of our family and what season we're in. Reese photographs about 80-90% of weddings solo, unless Super 8 is added on. 

All relationships are built on trust and that trust is built through shared experiences, values, stories, and time together. This looks different for each couples, but can include engagement sessions, welcome dinners, beach hangs, coffee meet up, questionnaires, etc.

How would you describe your style?

Our style is a mix of digital and film images with a documentary approach. It's a mix of creative images & simple portraits, with a lot of "in the moment" (candid) photos. We emphasize telling the truth, so this brings photos that span all the human emotions! 

do you travel for weddings & where do you live?

Grand Rapids, Michigan is our home. Most of our work happens in the Midwest between all of the mitten state - Traverse City, Detroit, West MI - Chicago and its surrounding areas as well as major cities in Ohio (Columbus & Cincinnati) & Indy, but we're available for destination weddings, too! Most popular have been Hawaii, Colorado, Cabo, and all the Midwest.

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