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If you’re like us and wanna keep things simple & don’t have lots of money to put towards a wedding, then you hire an amazing photographer to make sure you remember it all. Rent out a vrbo or airbnb (like Libby & Pete), get married on the beach or a nearby lookout, then head back to your rental for a mini reception and meal by a private chef. That’s what Amy & Danny did, and it was b-e-a-utiful.

Denise & Adam got married in La’ie on the North Shore of Oahu. They started their day off by seeing one another; alone and at the banyan tree next to Turtle Bay. It was simple, it was tender, and very intimate. You’ll see the anticipation in Adam’s face below as Denise approached closer to him and he heard the crunch of her steps. After their small ceremony, they wanted to take a little “road trip” up the North Shore to stop by some of their favorite spots together.

Denise & Adam – An Intimate Wedding in Waimea Valley

Liz and Ryan came to Oahu as part of their Amazing Life Together trip: a book compilation of 97 interviews with married couples from each of the 50 states. They made it to each state in one year and Hawaii was their last stop! 

Liz and Ryan’s Anniversary on North Shore, Oahu

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