Christie and Jonny are Married

Jonny and Christie got married in the backyard of a friend’s house on Oahu – right down the street from “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and the island’s beautiful China Walls. Jonny is originally from Oregon and Christie from Maryland; they met and fell in love in Hawai’i and have the cutest little boy, Ozzie. Ozzie was the ring bearer and they had to lure him down the aisle by placing hot rods on it for him to pick up. He was ecstatic each time he grabbed a new one!

J&C’s family and friends are some of the most supportive and positive people we’ve ever met – her dad married them with a ceremony so meaningful that even one of the groomsmen cried. The night ended with one of the best sunsets we’ve seen on Hawai’i and stuffing our faces with some brick-oven pizza. 

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