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The Roukema family came to Hawaii for vacation and to celebrate Ron & Ashley’s 20th wedding anniversary at an Airbnb on Oahu’s North Shore. They flew their officiant over from Molokai – the same woman who married them 20 years earlier!

It was Ross & Heather’s 20th wedding anniversary and they wanted photos to remember this season with their two sons 🙂 They had gone to a luau at Waimea Valley the night before where Ross sprained his ankle and had to go to the ER so for the whole shoot, he had a boot on his foot! They were total champs about it and we even walked all around Kawela Bay: to the beach, the banyan tree, and then out to the point to catch the sunset 🙂

Vittore Fam – Vacation at Turtle Bay Resort

Kelsey & Scott were a special privilege to photograph because we had photographed their wedding 5 years previously! Their wedding was the first outdoor wedding we had ever photographed and it was a joy to see these two huge smiles once again. They told us they actually never had photos taken again since their engagement and wedding day 5 years ago 🙂

Kelsey & Scott – Five Year Anniversary at Laie Point

Katelyn & Ignacio got married at their local courthouse in Kentucky and never really had any photographs from their wedding day so they decided to adventure around the North Shore of Oahu and check out all the views & sunset at Kawela Bay on Turtle Bay 🙂

Katelyn & Ignacio – Celebrating 1 Year Married in Hawaii

These two were such a blast to photograph because they were 100% truly themselves throughout it all and it shows in the images that follow…

Megan & David – Fun Hawaii Honeymoon Photographs

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