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They saw each other for the first time between two palms near the ocean and shared a tearful hug, just the beginning of the floodgates that would pour out. During their whole ceremony, their maid of honor, Milla, cried pretty much the whole time while Carrie & Max exchanged laughter & tears throughout their vows along with their parents and grandparents.

Literally 3 minutes and signed sheet of paper later, baby was in our home and playing with Seea 🙂 Poor girl was so confused, she didn’t know if it was alive or dead, if she was suppose to play or be concerned of a new threat to the milk supply. She excitedly and anxiously kept getting closer and after one night in the same room, they were pretty good friends!

Life Lately: July 2019

June was a restful month after all the craziness that took place in May. We spent lots of time outside, going to the beaches, dipping Seea deeper into the ocean (which shocked her at first and was cold to her little skin), walks at Turtle Bay, more rainbows, and our first (and possibly last!) family photos as a group of 3.

Life Lately: June 2019

Katie & Marcus had been together for 5 years, so they came to their favorite place in Hawaii, Kualoa Ranch! Also known as Jurassic Park, this iconic mountain range is probably some of the most gorgeous backdrops in all of the Koolau Mountains 🙂

Katie & Marcus – 5 years at Kualoa Ranch

Oh wow, what a month May was! We traveled to Ohio for Gabi & Ross’s Chicago wedding at Revolution Brewery, spent time with family, took a little date the night before their wedding, and then headed straight back home. Only to leave the next day for the Big Island and document Kirsten & Kyle’s wedding at Anna Ranch 🙂 Things got interesting here as Seea came down with the flu 🙁

Life Lately: May 2019

Ryan had just proposed to Kathy the day before in Honolulu near Ala Moana Beach Park! They made the trek up to the North Shore to have some engagement photos before making their trip back home to LA. They were so smitten for each other and were blessed with some golden light setting behind the Koolau Mountain Range just beyond the beaches off the cliffside of Laie Point 🙂

Ryan & Kathy – Engaged at Laie Point

April was a special month as we celebrated the life, death & resurrection of our beloved Savior & Lord, King & Friend, Jesus! We spent Easter with our church family camping out at Mokuleia Beach Campground, sleeping in cabins and under the stars in hammocks; even Seea made the trip in a little pack n play 🙂

Life Lately: April 2019

We started this month by heading to the Big Island to photograph Becca & Brandon’s wedding in Kona at Daylight Mind Coffee company (yummy coffee and yummy views). We also spent some time swimming in the deep aqua Big Island waters with some Yellow Tang fish and cruising on the black sand beaches of Kona. Then it was off to Ohio to visit with family, introduce Seea Grace to her aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time and catch a little Midwest chilly weather 🙂 As soon as we stepped off the plane, the sleeping baby in our arms whimpered because it was so cold; I’m pretty sure we did the same!

Life Lately: March 2019

But blogging is a great way to reflect on the goodness of God and how He gave us so many gifts in the mundane and head-scratching days of all this crying. In the moment, it seems as if it will last forever, but as we look back, we miss it and so hopefully by looking back, we can look forward with more joy, more grace, and more presence in the present (no matter how chaotic it may be in baby-land).

Life Lately: February 2019

The Kim family with their parents, sister, brother-in-law, and Auntie made a trip to Hawaii to celebrate said sister’s wedding the next day! They got treated with a double rainbow at Waialae Beach Park and so many great moments of their daughter with her grandparents, their sister with her dad the day before her wedding. It was an unexpected emotional photoshoot that really turned into a great time for the whole family 🙂

Kim Family – Waialae Beach Park, Honolulu

Manik & Ashley wanted to come to Hawaii for the beautiful mountains and gorgeous beaches so they picked two of the best places to have their honeymoon photographs taken 🙂 We started near Lanikai Beach in Kailua town then headed for the mountains at Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens.

Manik & Ashley – Honeymoon at Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens

Bianca & Dustin made their first trip to Hawaii for an engagement session and to hopefully find a place for a destination wedding to celebrate with their closest friends and family 🙂 We started near Waiahole Poi Factory where the water is a deep brown-red and you get the full view of Kualoa Ranch & Chinaman’s Hat!

Bianca & Dustin – Kualoa Ranch Chinaman’s Hat Engagement

The Hernandez Family made a trip to Hawaii for their 5 year anniversary & in expectation of baby #2 🙂 Amy had booked just a regular session with us, but then Jorge reached out a few weeks before the day and asked if we’d be willing to photograph that plus a surprise vow renewal for them?

Hernandez Family – Anniversary & Baby Moon at Laie Point

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