To Really See It: August 2016

I still can’t believe God brought us to Michigan. If I ever needed confirmation that He knows each of us intimately & infinitely, this was it.

When we left Hawaii, it was with equal amounts excitement & heartbreak. There is nothing in this world like living on an island. And yet, here we are, completely smitten with what most affectionately call the mitten…there’s so much about this place that reminds us of island life (if you’ve ever lived in both, you understand) plus there’s this thing called seasons. 

We are big Wes Anderson fans, so spotting this mural in Traverse City made us all giddy.

Dead trees are some of Reese’s favorite things to photograph. I don’t understand but I always let him take my photo in front of them anyways. I think love is sharing enthusiasm about stuff your person likes even when you don’t get it 🙂

The beaches in Leland are full of the most varied & beautiful rocks. People sit for hours, filtering through them one by one looking for Petoskey stones or Leland Blue. We participated and it was like therapy.

Last light of the day. We sat on the beach with a loaf of french bread guarding our fancy dinner from seagulls & waiting for the famous sunset that never really came 🙂 I was freezing my butt off so we got close and wrapped tight and giggled like when we first met, all happy & flirtatious. A few people down the beach were watching but I couldn’t care less.

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