Lennie and Quentin are Married at Turtle Bay

Lennie & Quentin rented out a villa at Turtle Bay to get ready at, got married at a nearby secluded beach that we helped them find, had Co Curate coordinate the day for them, and then went back to the same villa for some food by a private chef, toasts in front of their 20 favorite people in the living room and then turning that area into a dance floor.

This group of people was so open to taking us in on Lennie and Quentin’s wedding day, something we didn’t deserve but are very grateful for. And so this is for the entire Haintz/Walker crew: what a classy, simple day rich in ways that matter – quality time spent with family & friends. We love that you used the condo dining room as an impromptu dance floor. We love that we got to talk with so many of you and learn more about your family & Australia. It was an honor to be there.

Things to remember:

The bond between Lennie’s sisters (Indie, Frankie & Rowie – all named after their uncles) & how Lennie helped do all their makeup like a true older sister.

The deep breaths Lennie took in the mirror after it all (dress, hair, makeup) came together. Then how emotional Quentin was when Lennie walked down the beach.

When Quentin called his gramma after the ceremony to tell her he was a married man & she was overjoyed even though she couldn’t make the trip.

The cake Lennie’s aunt managed to make in a different country & kitchen that wasn’t her own. It was gorgeous, delicious & perfect for face-smashing!

How most of the girls changed into sweatshirts mid-“reception” because they “wanted to be comfy & besides we’re all family.”

That after the ceremony they blared “When We Were Young” by Adele, popped champagne and everyone started dancing. Completely in the moment. 

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