Dan & Jessie – Crouching Lion Surprise Proposal

This was one of the hardest proposal’s to pull off as Crouching Lion can get very crowded and Dan & I had to be constantly texting to insure I was in the right place before he dropped knee and popped the question! I was posted up top as he & Jessie were making their ascent, but right before they emerged, a group of 10 came up so they headed to a separate ridge and I had to sneakily follow them and lay down in the bushes. Dan cued the proposal with a special original song on his ukulele for Jessie; from there, I snuck up closer to get her reaction, and she never noticed! These two have only been together for 4 months, but they knew when they met, that they had found the one they were looking for and were ready to commit their lives to each other for the rest of their days 🙂

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