Derek & Anh – Surfing Engagement at Diamond Head

Who better to tell you about these two than themselves; Derek & Anh’s story is one filled with romance, whimsy, and adventure. Here’s what they say:

“From bouldering to snowboarding to surfing to laundry to taking care of our many plants, it’s natural for us to try and share every moment together. We’re both actually very independent people and love that we choose everyday to spend all of our time together. It often doesn’t feel like enough time. How we met: Derek allotted a whole 30 minutes for our first date (he was a little jaded with the NYC dating scene). 30 minutes turned into 20 hours – neither of us wanted the date to end, and Derek was just able to come up with the next great place to head over to. We met for coffee, then ice cream in the park, then a pool hall, then omakase, then a speakeasy, then just the streets of NYC walking and talking the night away. The proposal: The proposal almost went south as soon as we stepped into the ice cream shop. I had it all worked out. Everyone was in on it. As soon as we walked in, an employee was to intercept us and personally hand Anh a “special menu” written entirely by yours truly. Well, as soon as we got to the door, Anh turned to the employee and said, “No, thanks,” likely because she had already memorized the menu. The employee was stunned. This wasn’t going to plan. “No, we’ll take it,” I stepped in and said. Anh hesitantly took the menu and within a second said, “Look babe, they have a flavor called Coffee Met Bagel!” (which is the dating app we met on) completely missing the context of the menu, which read The Anh-gagement Series.” She finally got the hint and now they’re getting married this fall at Sunset Ranch on Oahu’s North Shore – they came out early for some wedding tasting & planning, so we met up, surfed, and took some images of one of their favorite activities together.

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