Life Lately: February 2019

This is the beginning of Seea’s second month of life: also known as the month she woke up to the world and realized she could stay up as much as she wanted. Needless to say, it was many sleepless nights, lots of baby holding, many beach and bike path walks next to the North Shore Pacific Ocean and very tired parent eyes 🙂 But blogging is a great way to reflect on the goodness of God and how He gave us so many gifts in the mundane and head-scratching days of all this crying. In the moment, it seems as if it will last forever, but as we look back, we miss it and so hopefully by looking back, we can look forward with more joy, more grace, and more presence in the present (no matter how chaotic it may be in baby-land). God gave us papayas & avocados to sustain us this month, rainbows to awe us, friendships to love us, sunsets to warm us and make us remember how small our problems are, and a baby that is nothing short of a sheer gift from Above!

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