Jenn & David are Married 20 Years: Vow Renewal on the North Shore of Hawaii

When Jenn contacted us about photographing this, her reason was simple: so their “three precious gifts could see and experience what love ought to be. We want to be in the moment and really enjoying each other as a family, mom to dad, sister to sister, brother to sister, husband to wife, mom to daughter, son to dad… all the nuances that make us, us…our little family.”

These photos show they did exactly that. From the kids tearing up during Jenn and David’s recommitment, then later goofing off in the background while mom and dad got some alone time, it was an evening filled with intention and fun. And since their oldest daughter (who handmade all the floral hakus shown here!) will be heading to college next year, we’re so glad they took the time to make this happen.

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