Lakefront Wedding in Northern Michigan’s Traverse City – Danielle & Justin

Danielle & Justin met in a way that is clearly providential and not just coincidental. They met throwing bean bags at a local spot in Kalamazoo (I won’t mention who won!) and it wasn’t until awhile later that they shared a connecting flight from Chicago to their home, that Justin switched seats to sit next to Danielle. And the rest, they say, is history!

And in their gracious way, the venue they booked has double booked their wedding weekend so just 3 months out, they had to find a new spot (which they did!) and they day was just as beautiful as they envisioned. The main thing was to get married on Lake Michigan (this was near Grand Traverse West Bay) and in Northern Michigan with all their favorite people – they accomplished that and more. It was a simple day filled with beauty because of the people who made it. A few moments to remember from this day

-When Danielle’s dad first saw her; tissues were needed to wipe away the tears
-They way Danielle’s family did an “all hands in” break before certain moments (like before the ceremony or to end the night)
-Justin’s face of awe & shock as Danielle walked down the aisle
-Danielle’s bare feet on the beach & grass
-How blue & clear the Lake Michigan harbor was during their portraits
-How genuinely happy these two were with each other and so welcoming & loving with all their guests
-The way her veil got caught by the wind
-She wore her mom’s wedding dress that her mom went to the NE U.S. to get
-The moments in-between
-Her grandma on the dance floor
-The make shift photo booth

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