Charlie & Yu – Makapuu Lookout Proposal

Two of the most genuine and smitten people I’ve ever met! I didn’t even give them any cues to laugh as much as they did, they were just so happy and excited and filled with joy. They were 100% comfortable in their own skin and that’s why these images are amazing, because they were ok being themselves 🙂

“It was our love for the Taiwanese aboriginal people that brought us together” I photographed Charlie proposing to Yu! She flew from Taiwan to San Francisco and Charlie surprised her with a trip to Hawaii when she landed – little did she know he had this even BIGGER surprise planned for her while on island.

They speak Mandarin together, but her only request was that he ask her in Japanese; she actually didn’t understand what he was asking because his Japanese isn’t very good! 😉 But she got the clue when the ring came out…They were so smiley and smitten as it had been 4 months since they were last together!

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