To Really See It: October 2016

What you’re about to look at is a mashup of film from our AE-1 (which has since bit the dust, RIP little buddy) & a point-and-shoot camera my parents gifted me in the fourth grade. We found it when we moved & all these memories came rushing back – the first time I used it, I meticulously planned every single one of its 36 exposures. We’re talking really deep stuff, like multiple ice sculptures at the Columbus Zoo (why?) & elaborate setups of our family dog.

I didn’t want to waste a single shot, so I had that first roll in the camera for almost two months – I had almost finished it when I accidentally opened the back (don’t ask, I still don’t know how that happened) & ruined the entire roll. I was devastated.

Needless to say, it was fun to relive my glory days as a one-shot wonder & not think too much about it – I just snapped what interested me during one of my favorite months of the year & let the camera make the decisions. If you’re a film connoisseur you’ll be able to tell which is which from the color quality & focal length – if not, just enjoy all the yummy leaves, lakes & brews. It was a good month here in Michigan. 

^ Someone painted an exclamation point on every single one of the Eureka street signs here in Grand Rapids. Whoever you are, thank you.

^The jumped into Lake Michigan when it was 40° outside. We cheered them on in our sweaters & hats. 

^I actually feel terrible for those poor cats. 

^Can we all please install take one, leave one libraries in our front yards? They’re the best kind.

^Lost this roll of film for a few months, hence the transition from fall leaves to Christmas decorations. Fa-la-la-la-la!

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