Life Lately: December 2018

December brought a great gift: the life of our first baby girl, Seea Grace. We named her after a west-coast women’s swimwear company that spells the traditional Sia name as Seea. They’re all about gracious, retro longboarding in women’s surf and as soon as we received an email from them pop up on our phone, we both knew that would be her name. In Hebrew, Seea means “helper” which we thought was appropriate since she would be our oldest child. And her middle name came from the combo of her first name and middle name sounding like “sea of grace” which we’re all swimming in because of the greatest gift that comes to us in Jesus.

Just eight days before she came into the world, our friends from Colorado were visiting (& also shared with us the news that they were expecting!) and we kayaked out to Chinaman’s Hat just off the beach across from Kualoa Ranch. You can find some images of the birth below which cast a whirlwind of emotions from Renee as she progresses through labor. It’s a laborious (pun intended) and beautiful site to see new life enter the world. What we notice most about her is that she’s very alert, observational, and determined [not to go to sleep]. She has the strongest neck we’ve personally ever seen in a newborn (#newparentpride) and are 100% convinced she’s gonna be a charging surfer because of it! Even if she’s not, she’s so loved by her parents, families, aunties, and uncles 🙂

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