The work shown here is some of our favorite images and are the most indicative of our style, creativity, and presence on your wedding day.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been photographing weddings since 2013! In dedication to these years, especially the amazing couples we’ve had the honor to serve, we wanted to have a place for these images to live on forever and a place to come when we are discouraged. We’ve photographed at the base of the Rocky Mountains, by the Arch in Cabo, in all the Hawaiian islands, before beautiful sunsets, on rainy days, by deep blue oceans, in backyards, barns, homes, hotels and been to unbelievably beautiful places, but this still stands true: the photographs are about people, for people. We believe weddings are about so much more than just photographs - it’s about being fully present in this celebration with friends & family, enjoying the moments & emotions that unfold naturally.

The images are a witness, a preservation, and a legacy to this day; documenting you just as you are, this day is not about setting up every image perfectly. It’s about immense joy, paying homage to those who went before you, getting the girl, friends supporting friends, anticipation, love & commitment, moms and dads holding tight but letting go, adventure, innocence, the place, iconic portraits that your kid’s kids will remember, whimsy & humor, two families becoming one, being struck by awe & beauty, all your favorite people supporting & celebrating all you’ve been through and all that lies ahead, about heartfelt vows, slideshows, prayers, songs, and letters, and it’s about marriage & being fully known by another. We hope you see all these emotions and moments in this post. Enjoy! -R&R