To Really See It: November 2016

Colorado was a dream state. 300 days of sun a year, what is that?! We soaked up the weather & mountains & time with some of our favorite people & ate too much junk food but counteracted that by hiking because #balance. (This included a 14,000 foot mountain which you won’t see much evidence of here because we forgot our camera like total rookies.)

It was in CO that we realized our trusty thrift store camera has seen better days – there’s so much debri inside the body from all the places we’ve taken it & by the end of the trip (probably due to our discovery of the self-timer, which is very evident in these photos) the shutter would only click every five tries or so. We’ve since found a camera to replace this one but are really sad to see it go (aside from the lousy focusing – that we won’t miss). Some of our best memories have been captured on it.

Anyways, after we get back from a trip, we drop all our film off as fast as we can & patiently/impatiently wait for the call that says we can pick up our scans (!!!!) Then we snuggle on the couch & pop in CD after CD (if you’re gonna go old school might as well go all out) while we oooh & ahhh over each shot & get to re-live it all over again. It’s one of our favorite rituals to do together. And we hope you enjoy re-living some of it here, too 🙂

Annnd the good ol’ 14er. Let’s just say when we got to the top, it wasn’t clear blue skies like here. Wind/snow/fozen PB&J’s/let’s get the heck off this freezing cold mountain, yeah that’s more how it went 🙂

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