Bonnie & Jake – Married at Sea Life Park in Makapu’u

Here is Bonnie & Jake’s story from their lips: “Bonnie was working as an Athletic Training Intern and Jake was coaching football. Jake gave himself blisters to come and talk to Bonnie! Then after a big team win over Navy they were driving off base and their cars ended up side by side. Bonnie ended up yelling her phone number out the window to Jake! The rest they say is history! Jake completely surprised Bonnie with his proposal. He had asked Bonnie’s Father and 2 brothers for her hand in marriage in July. Bonnie’s mom totally spilled the beans! Bonnie kept waiting for it to happen at each big moment in their lives and nothing was happening! Spring rolled around and still nothing had happened. Bonnie wanted to go on a stay-cation for Spring Break but it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. Bonnie and Jake were also in the process of looking for their first home to buy! The Saturday of Spring Break they spent all morning and evening looking at houses. When they got home from house hunting Jake told Bonnie to pack a bag! They drove down to Cheyenne Mountain Resort, a beautiful mountain escape! The same hotel the football team stays at for home game weekends. Jake said there was a buffet open for dinner (he knows the way to Bonnie’s heart is through her stomach)! They walked from their room to an overlook of the resort. Jake said it was his favorite place in the Springs, where he does all his big thinking on game days. He couldn’t think of a better place to start…Bonnie turned around and asked start what? Start the rest of our lives together! Jake was down on one knee and Bonnie was crying!! She said YES!! They did end up going to the buffet hahaha They called family and friends to share the good news! Jake had wine and chocolate set up back in their room! The next day they made the decision to start building their first home!!”

Then they decided to make it official in Hawaii at Sea Life Park 🙂 Her mom cried all day, her dad’s jaw dropped seeing her in her white dress, Jake was smitten when he saw her down the aisle, and Bonnie was also tearing up throughout the whole day.

Venue – Sea Life Park
Photography – Reese & Renee

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