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Megan brings the spunk while Travis is quiet and reserved, but during their vows they both had wet eyes and wet cheeks as well as their four witnesses 🙂 It was such a simple beach wedding, which is exactly what these two wanted after being together for so long. It was intentional, emotional, and intimate. It was such an honor to get close to these two and their four loved ones as they looked on with love in their eyes, joy in their smiles, and warmth in their hugs.

That beauty is humanity: the love, the support, the encouragement, the mundane (i.e. the three groomsmen video recording Mary Meg & Alex’s first dance), the “loss” of your daughter or son to marriage, the crazy dance floor shenanigans, innocence, warmth, and a heck of a lot more!

Moments from Midwest Weddings

Chris’s aunt was one their biggest supporters throughout their relationship so it was important for them to have her as a central part of their day as their officiant.

Chris and Ilima: Married at Kualoa Ranch

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