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November: our little baby is now a little girl! We caught more sunrises and this time with a rainbow which always comforts us as God remembers His promises. A month of cookies and a local Thanksgiving feast with our hanai fam, more time at the beach while Seea is WALKING and a time of healing for ‘K’ after surgery.

October, the month of Seea standing unaided for long periods of time and trying to take her first steps! We took a stroll through Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens and finished with a bubble bath in our trusty plastic bins.

Life Lately: October 2019

A month of standing and scaling the brown couch that will forever be in the background of all our photos! More teeth, more crying…more crying…more…Playing in the rain with our kids will always be a favorite past-time of ours.

Life Lately: September 2019

So, we currently have a child born in 2018 and are 100% confident she’s gonna think we’re dinosaurs because we were born in the 1900’s haha.

Life Lately: January 2019

The best part of this month was without a doubt sharing the news of little Baby K with our parents.

Life Lately: May 2018

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