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This month was filled with many celebrations: our nephew Crew’s 2nd birthday, our niece Kira’s 3rd birthday, our parents (and our) 33rd and 5th anniversaries, Seea and ‘K’ turning 1 year old, and celebrating the birth of Immanuel as we anticipate His return! It was so great for everyone to see Seea for our 3rd trip to Ohio this past year, but also for our loved ones to meet special ‘K’ (pun intended). The end of a decade which means we have officially been together for a decade, wow does time fly!

November: our little baby is now a little girl! We caught more sunrises and this time with a rainbow which always comforts us as God remembers His promises. A month of cookies and a local Thanksgiving feast with our hanai fam, more time at the beach while Seea is WALKING and a time of healing for ‘K’ after surgery.

Life Lately: November 2019

October, the month of Seea standing unaided for long periods of time and trying to take her first steps! We took a stroll through Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens and finished with a bubble bath in our trusty plastic bins.

Life Lately: October 2019

A month of standing and scaling the brown couch that will forever be in the background of all our photos! More teeth, more crying…more crying…more…Playing in the rain with our kids will always be a favorite past-time of ours.

Life Lately: September 2019

August was the month we found out how much Seea Grace loves the ocean and crawling on the beach! One evening we set her down and she just squealed as she crawled along the golden-green sand; even when waves would come up to her, she’d just charge right through 🙂 It was amazing to see the transformation of their friendship grow as they’d look at each other and just start laughing; it melted our hearts.

Life Lately: August 2019

Grateful for nature, grateful for a Father who cares about every little detail in his kids lives and hearts.

From One Island to Another

Hot days and hot coffee. The sunniest flowers. Neighborhood window watching, a solar eclipse, dirty dishes and months blending together.

Life Lately: August 2017

A roll of black and white film from a quick camping trip to celebrate warmer days!

Life Lately: June 2017

Reese’s beard was growing longer and my patience was growing shorter – we missed hiking and camping and the warmth of the sun and smelling like dirt and falling into bed exhausted from a day well-spent in God’s great outdoors.

Winter Camping in Northern Michigan

All photos taken with Ilford HP5 film – developed by Mark’s & scanned in our home.

To Really See It: February 2017

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