Life Lately: August 2019

August was the month we found out how much Seea Grace loves the ocean and crawling on the beach! One evening we set her down and she just squealed as she crawled along the golden-green sand; even when waves would come up to her, she’d just charge right through 🙂 It was amazing to see the transformation of their friendship grow as they’d look at each other and just start laughing; it melted our hearts. And foster baby went from not being able to sit on his own to sitting on his own and crawling and standing (his life goal since day one). Even though the lows have been really low, it has been a gift having him in our home as God sanctifies our hearts through the process and exposes our darkness with His light! We wouldn’t trade this decision for the world. We’ve tried reaching baby’s mom, but there’s been no connection yet, so we continue to wait, go to court, go to doctor’s appointments and keep praying for him and his mom 🙂

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