Carrie & Max – Chinese Wedding at Loulu Palm Estate

Carrie & Max came from Shanghai, China to celebrate at Loulu Palm Estate with their closest friends & family – mainly coming from China and scattered throughout the states. They opened their own crossfit gym together in Shanghai and traveled the states for competitions. These two and their families were full of spunk and emotion; they had fun, but also shed lots of tears! To be candid, I never knew Chinese people were so emotional so this was a surprise to me. Carrie’s dad was essentially my second photographer as you see in the first photo and I love how they were just ok with it because that’s part of their culture. Everyone was constantly taking photos & videos! Carrie had FOUR dresses for the day: one for the tea ceremony where the parents give them money (Max made it rain!), one for the ceremony and main part of the day, a reception dress, and then a dancing dress that glowed against the lights on the floor.

They saw each other for the first time between two palms near the ocean and shared a tearful hug, just the beginning of the floodgates that would pour out. During their whole ceremony, their maid of honor, Milla, cried pretty much the whole time while Carrie & Max exchanged laughter & tears throughout their vows along with their parents and grandparents. They celebrated the rest of the night with personal speeches in both English and Mandarin, a choreographed first dance, and her grandpa leading the dance floor party 🙂 Check below for all the amazing people that made this day a hit for C&M!

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