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After our kids were graciously given a mountain of toys at Christmas from grandparents, I couldn’t help but ask myself where (and why) we prioritized the spending of our money since we tend to spend most of our time outdoors! While our kids of course were super stoked to open each gift and have no […]

Our mantra when we travel has always been to cut cost wherever we can so we can prioritize our money and spend big on what mattered most to us: experiences! This often meant being limited to only a carry-on (and sometimes not even that) as we would book the cheapest flight just to get us […]

The Best Honeymoon Tips for Better Experiences

A lot of people have their life documented either as a family or on their wedding day, but too often images come to a halt and end up living the rest of their life in the cloud, on a hard drive or computer. The main obstacles tend to be: 1. TIME to choose photos 2. […]

How To Display Photos in Your Home

Don’t rush! Let everyone get lined up & ready Have someone in charge of getting everyone in order and ready (especially after there’s been some drinks) Have people form two lines and leave about a 6-8 foot gap between the lines Make sure everyone has bubbles, a sparkler or two, confetti, lantern, or rice Don’t […]

8 Tips For Your Wedding Exit

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