The Best Honeymoon Tips for Better Experiences

Our mantra when we travel has always been to cut cost wherever we can so we can prioritize our money and spend big on what mattered most to us: experiences! This often meant being limited to only a carry-on (and sometimes not even that) as we would book the cheapest flight just to get us to a location like Hawaii, Colorado, Cabo San Lucas, and so on. Our goal when we got there was to camp, soak in the fresh outdoors FREE beauty, eat AMAZING food, and just make memories together. Sometimes we’d fetch an Airbnb mid-trip just to get some fresh showers, sleep in a real bed, and possibly meet some new people.

But, chances are that on your honeymoon, only a few of these things might apply unless you’re completely like us and would do all the above as your honeymoon 🙂 Here are our top honeymoon tips:

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