Life Lately: December 2019

December, where do we even start? RSV struck the babies and took up 2/3’s of the trip and a week once we got back home. We were thankful for the help of family, but also thankful to return back to the moist Hawaiian air to help them kick the virus to the curb! But this month was filled with many celebrations: our nephew Crew’s 2nd birthday, our niece Kira’s 3rd birthday, our parents (and our) 33rd and 5th anniversaries, Seea and ‘K’ turning 1 year old, and celebrating the birth of Immanuel as we anticipate His return! It was so great for everyone to see Seea for our 3rd trip to Ohio this past year, but also for our loved ones to meet special ‘K’ (pun intended). The end of a decade which means we have officially been together for a decade, wow does time fly!

In regards to fostering ‘K’, people are always telling us things like “wow you guys are so amazing”, “I could never do what you do”, “you guys are angels” so we want to clear the air by saying we are broken sinners that are, by the grace of God, being obedient to the commands of He who bought us with His blood. To paraphrase a verse from Scripture, “by the grace of God, we are what we are, and we pray that His grace given freely to us will not be in vain. Though the work we’re doing is hard and GOOD, it is not us working, but the grace of God with us; for He alone is good.” We do not believer everyone should be foster parents, but the heart of God is for the fatherless, the voiceless, the widows, the oppressed, and the poor and there are so many ways to support and love these kids: dropping a meal to a foster family, offer free baby-sitting for an evening, amazon gifts for the kids in foster families as they often come with so little, become licensed caregivers, mentor moms trying to get their children back, etc. To see more about our journey or answers to foster care questions, head to our Instagram and go to our foster care story. If you have any other questions, reach out to us! 🙂

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