Duo Surprises Ru with a Proposal at Makapu’u

The best part about photographing people is noticing what makes them unique. Like Duo, who planned proposing to Ru from his office in China down to the smallest detail of picking up a peony bouquet, her favorite. And Ru, who designed (!!!) her own blue silk dress and dabbed little sparkles by the corners of her eyes. 

The forecast predicted a measly 5% chance of rain, but Hawaii is Hawaii. The floodgates opened, it poured and they were super great sports about it. Being at the mercy of nature is just part of the experience here! When we met up the next day they were even more relaxed and at ease, Ru in her favorite color and Duo sporting the loudest Hawaiian attire he could find, Dole plantation shirt and all.

Love them, love Ru’s sincere reaction in the video and grateful we could play a small part in helping them remember the start of their marriage.

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