Kristy and Joey are Engaged

All four of us piled into a John Deere Gator and drove past miles of banana trees, sugarcane and lush greenery until we reached “the path.” Or what they thought was “the path,” which was overgrown from all the rain this winter. It was our only option to get where we needed to go, so Kristy grabbed a machete and chopped down the way for us. That’s why she’s awesome. That’s why we’re friends. 

We ended up in a part of Hawaii we’d never seen before – a river and open field all enclosed by mountains. Joey & Kristy have become such a big part of our life here on Oahu so it was sacred to photograph them in a place so meaningful to them – Kristy spent tons of time back in this valley when she was a kid, racing over the boulders in the river with all of her cousins.

To J&K – we know you guys will have an amazing marriage that puts God at the center and can’t wait to see you grow together as husband and wife. Thanks for everything this year… we love you more than you know.

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