To Really See It: April 2016

I came across this excerpt & it really hit home. I get that a lot of it sounds like some big cliché, but I’m not above clichés if they keep me in the light. 

The last few lines are what really got me: the idea of really seeing life. Not through lenses of worry, self-absorption, anger, pride, etc (trust me, I go there. Often.) But seeing it for what it is: a big fat gift, with fresh air to soak in & people to love & beauty upon beauty upon beauty. Even when a lot of it feels like dirty dishes and laundry. Or lack of sleep. Or a to-do list from here to Wisconsin. (And we don’t even have kids, HA!)

This broken film camera we thrifted for 15 bucks right before we got married is my best way of really seeing our life. Unexpected & spontaneous blessings, day after day. And I’m excited to share some of that here each month. 

This used to be our front yard. Sometimes I miss it and sometimes I don’t.

When friends get on a plane and come visit.

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