Life Lately: June 2019

June was a restful month after all the craziness that took place in May; we had Auntie Sarah visiting us which meant plenty of laughs at her expense! For example, she put water in the coffee pot and set it under the machine expecting it to somehow evaporate upward and come back down brewed haha. We spent lots of time outside, going to the beaches, dipping Seea deeper into the ocean (which shocked her at first and was cold to her little skin), walks at Turtle Bay, more rainbows, and our first (and possibly last!) family photos as a group of 3.

We received a phone call at the end of the month from a social worker asking us if we’d be interested in fostering a little baby. Even after a rough start with miss Seea and only just beginning our journey as first-time parents, we had absolute peace in saying YES. So, we waited and waited and waited and heard nothing for two weeks as we prepared to move out of current studio apartment into something bigger and less expensive. We found a beautiful 1 BR apartment in Kaaawa, up in the mountains with big front windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean and ready for lots of sunrise coffees on the Lanai. Since we heard nothing, we expected the case had been moved to a family member so we dropped out of the 2 BR apartment we were looking at and chose this one which was $300 cheaper/mo and honestly a “dream” (every time we pass it, we say “hi dream home” haha). Anyway, we were due to sign the lease as soon as the landlords returned from a weekend trip, but the day before signing we got the call that has changed our lives for the better. The social worker jotted down all our sensitive info and said the little one would be transferring to our home in 2 weeks! The “dream” home said they weren’t comfortable with us having two babies there, so we searched for the old 2 BR place, but it had been removed 🙁 We reached out to the lady anyway, hoping she had some other property. She responded and said she didn’t understand why it was no longer listed and IT WAS STILL AVAILABLE!! We packed up our little home and prepped for b baby #2 to come into the home. It was nothing short of the grace of God to give us such peace to say yes after a crazy month previous, to have the social worker call the day before signing the wrong lease, and then making sure the post of the 2 BR home was taken down to reserve it for us. We now say this is our dream home – just steps away from the beach, walking distance to the grocery, post office, and drug store, and the perfect size for our now temporary family of 4.

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