Life Lately: July 2019

By July, we had moved into our new home; a true gift from God and spent a week together as a family of 3 for the last time, enjoying our new beach access, the little tide pool, organizing everything to prepare for the new baby, lots of snuggles on the bed, and extra help from Mimi as we adjusted to the new normal. We hadn’t heard anything for 10 days from the social worker confirming the date of baby K’s arrival, but then we got a phone call as we sat around all day wondering if he was coming saying “hey I’m on your street and dropping the child off now” haha. Literally 3 minutes and signed sheet of paper later, baby was in our home and playing with Seea 🙂 Poor girl was so confused, she didn’t know if it was alive or dead, if she was suppose to play or be concerned of a new threat to the milk supply. She excitedly and anxiously kept getting closer and after one night in the same room, they were pretty good friends!

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