To Really See It: June 2016

Most of these photos were taken on my 24th birthday. It was such a sentimental one – we were almost packed to get on a plane and move back to the mainland. It was a Sunday, so we got to spend the entire day with our church family. And I remember sitting in a circle after the sun had set and feeling so unbelievably grateful to know each and every one of them. We completely forgot we’d taken these until a few months after we’d settled into Michigan, so opening the files from the lab was a sweet surprise. 

Reese’s mini-me who wants to be just like him 🙂

Two of the best role models we could ever ask for. All about grace, redemption & living by example.

The day before we moved we got to take photos of Tracy and Keith. 

And then a few random photos from a quick trip to Pittsburgh:

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