To Really See It: May 2016

Every time I see these I’m reminded that people make a place. Of course we miss the ocean & fresh fruit & tropicaly-ness (just go with it) of Hawaii but more than anything, we miss our friends.

Smores in the jungle. We brought the wrong kind of charcoal & it was a huge ordeal (involving gasoline from a 4-wheeler) to cook a few measly hotdogs. Still one of my favorite memories 🙂

View out the window of two people we really love & miss. It’s fun to look at this picture & think they could be looking at the same thing right now.

Our favorite pizza, we make it (almost) every week. And the recipe for the dough is crazy simple.

This was the week Sophie moved back to Sweden. She’s the most vibrant soul you’ll ever meet & sings Ever Be better than the original. And a few months later Amanda moved to Australia! Hawaii = transient town. 

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