“We’re eloping to Hawaii: how do we choose our wedding photographer?”

Mark’s brother and sister-in-law adoring their daughter walk down the aisle as the flower girl.

Picking a wedding photographer for your Hawaii elopement

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to elope to Hawaii! But now all the work starts (unless you do it like L&Q) of getting a venue, picking a planner, a florist, and most importantly ;), a wedding photographer to make sure you remember it all.

You start by hitting up Instagram and searching different hashtags: #hawaiiweddingphotographer #hawaiiwedding #hawaiielopementphotographer

[Beautiful image after beautiful image] but then it hits you “everyone looks the same! same poses, same locations, same editing. there’s a lot to choose from and how do I know who’s professional or ‘legit’” You check out several wedding photographers’ profiles and the images are stunning (a couple laughing, a couple cuddling, a couple straddling each other, a couple splashing each other, a couple on a mountain in front of the ocean (#onlyinhawaii), a couple walking along an insane ridge line).

Woah woah woah, hold on! Now you’re starting to compare: are me and my fiancé that cool? or that adventurous? or that sexy together? or that “intimate” with each other? WE’RE HERE TO TELL YOU: these images are all portrait time with just the couple. Even if portraits lasted an hour (which we certainly won’t ask from you), out of an 8 hour wedding day, where are the other 88% of the images from these weddings? Portraits that don’t even make up 5-10% of your wedding day are now in a beautiful Instagram portfolio where 90-95% of the images are portraits!

Etu when he first saw Lois on their wedding day.

Ashley & Alex right after they got married.

This is a portrait – gorgeous & necessary, but directed by us.

One of J&C’s groomsmen during their vows.


The point is this:

#1) whether you’re that cute-cuddly-sexy-adventurous-intimate couple or not, you deserve great wedding photographs and we’re here to help you get them

#2) make sure you’ve at least seen a few blog posts from whole weddings before reaching out to a photographer because in a place as beautiful as Hawaii, anyone with an iPhone X can place a couple at an iconic location and make a gorgeous IG feed

#3) your wedding is a part of your story and whether you have 5 guests or 300, there is moments happening all around & we’re there to allow you to be present while we make sure you remember it all in the images that follow

#4) you are beautiful, your wedding will be beautiful, and the truth is beautiful; we will give you images that honor who you are

#5) how do we know all this? because 5 years ago when we started photographing weddings, that was us. we posted the popular stuff that would get lots of likes and it was the easiest images to take because we controlled the light of the image, the pose, the interaction and ran it through a popular preset. but we saw that there was so much happening in a wedding day and wanted to use the other 7 hours to make just as beautiful images from the candid moments & emotions happening between you and your fiancé and each of you with the closest people in your lives 🙂

Miriam during her vows to Laurence.

Ben kissing his daughter Lola right after he and Anna got married on the beach with just their two kids as their witnesses.

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