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April was a special month as we celebrated the life, death & resurrection of our beloved Savior & Lord, King & Friend, Jesus! We spent Easter with our church family camping out at Mokuleia Beach Campground, sleeping in cabins and under the stars in hammocks; even Seea made the trip in a little pack n play 🙂

We started this month by heading to the Big Island to photograph Becca & Brandon’s wedding in Kona at Daylight Mind Coffee company (yummy coffee and yummy views). We also spent some time swimming in the deep aqua Big Island waters with some Yellow Tang fish and cruising on the black sand beaches of Kona. Then it was off to Ohio to visit with family, introduce Seea Grace to her aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time and catch a little Midwest chilly weather 🙂 As soon as we stepped off the plane, the sleeping baby in our arms whimpered because it was so cold; I’m pretty sure we did the same!

Life Lately: March 2019

But blogging is a great way to reflect on the goodness of God and how He gave us so many gifts in the mundane and head-scratching days of all this crying. In the moment, it seems as if it will last forever, but as we look back, we miss it and so hopefully by looking back, we can look forward with more joy, more grace, and more presence in the present (no matter how chaotic it may be in baby-land).

Life Lately: February 2019

So, we currently have a child born in 2018 and are 100% confident she’s gonna think we’re dinosaurs because we were born in the 1900’s haha.

Life Lately: January 2019

They’ve been married for only a year and had a little baby girl in that time so they wanted to re-dedicate their marriage and what it means to wake up every day and choose the person lying next to you. Love isn’t all unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies – no, it’s choosing and committing to the same person day after day, month after month and year after year.

Anna & Nicki Rededicate their Marriage at Sunset Beach

These two snuck from California to Oahu to tie the knot & decided to tell their friends & family after.

Nancy and Enrique Eloped

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