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They were a little shy, but also very cute with one another so they just stayed close and giggled throughout (and Dave gave the occasional butt grab to loosen things up – see below!)

That beauty is humanity: the love, the support, the encouragement, the mundane (i.e. the three groomsmen video recording Mary Meg & Alex’s first dance), the “loss” of your daughter or son to marriage, the crazy dance floor shenanigans, innocence, warmth, and a heck of a lot more!

Moments from Midwest Weddings

you are beautiful, your wedding will be beautiful, and the truth is beautiful; we will give you images that honor who you are

“We’re eloping to Hawaii: how do we choose our wedding photographer?”

These two were such a blast to photograph because they were 100% truly themselves throughout it all and it shows in the images that follow…

Megan & David – Fun Hawaii Honeymoon Photographs

These two will be getting married right down the street from us in Hawaii next spring, so we were stoked to hang out and document this season of engagement for them at the place they met.

Nikki & Jarred get Engaged (before Eloping to Hawaii!)

Leanne & David eloped to Hawai’i after dating long distance for a year. They decided they wanted something simple and sweet that they could go back and share/celebrate with their friends & family!

Leanne and David are Married in Laie

Midwest summers (lightning bugs, $3 watermelons and DQ’s on every corner) are magic in their own way.

Life Lately: July 2018

Meet Erica and Henry – two humble, earnest souls who know how to keep it real and focus on what really matters in this life.

Erica and Henry are Engaged in Ohio

Family visits mean lei-making, good food and lots of time adventuring in the sunshine. A trip none of us will ever forget!

Life Lately: June 2018

If this day represented anything, it was this: beautiful things come out of hard places.

Chris & Jennifer Elope at Kualoa Ranch

When Jenn contacted us about photographing this, her reason was simple: so their “three precious gifts could see and experience what love ought to be.”

Jenn & David are Married 20 Years: Vow Renewal on the North Shore of Hawaii

The best part of this month was without a doubt sharing the news of little Baby K with our parents.

Life Lately: May 2018

When we asked them what they were going to do to celebrate after, they said, “Get dinner! Something cheap!” Meaning musubis and ramen – cheers to that 🙂

Scott Proposes to Iris by the Pacific Ocean

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