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It was a lot hotter than the weather they’re used to in Canada but nothing a napkin and a shirt change couldn’t fix for Justin, ha! We loved these two’s zest for life and adventure. The longer we were together the more relaxed and goofy they became as their true personalities shined through.

Life lately in Hawai’i: waking up to the roosters crowing and bull frogs croaking in our backyard before the sunrises, enjoying the 20 yard walk to the ocean to watch the morning wake up, climbing rocks and stuff on our weekly hikes, hanging with friends in the North Shore tide pools, snorkeling in the clear water, and spending whole days getting sunburnt in the big blue 🙂

Life Lately: January 2018

Chris’s aunt was one their biggest supporters throughout their relationship so it was important for them to have her as a central part of their day as their officiant.

Chris and Ilima: Married at Kualoa Ranch

Nowadays weddings can look however you dream them – but whether it’s a huge celebration or an intimate elopement, the ceremony will always hold the most weight.

Dana and Eddie Elope at Ko’olina Lagoons

When Kelly noticed giant sweat spots on her dress? They just cracked up about it.

Kelly and Alex are Engaged

Those are the fleeting, irreplaceable moments that take place on a wedding day that get lost in the whirlwind if someone isn’t paying attention. And that’s why we’re there – to pay attention. 

Rachel and Alex’s Destination Wedding in Telluride, CO

Megan and Dan have such a heart for their friends and family – something they wanted portrayed in their photographs.

Megan and Dan: Saugatuck, MI Wedding

Christmas with our families, fresh snow falls and – at the same time – counting down the days to a huge life change. 

Life Lately: December 2017

When Kevin & Loreal told us there would be men in kilts on their wedding day, we didn’t understand how cute little ring bearer boys running around and flashing their diapers from underneath them would be!

Kevin and Loreal’s Small Botanical Garden Wedding

Liz and Ryan came to Oahu as part of their Amazing Life Together trip: a book compilation of 97 interviews with married couples from each of the 50 states. They made it to each state in one year and Hawaii was their last stop! 

Liz and Ryan’s Anniversary on North Shore, Oahu

Ash is the oldest of the four girls and has always been the north star to us sisters in the “life changes” department…watching her become a mom was something we’ll never forget.

Crew is Born

This was definitely the most emotional move we’ve experienced so far. Probably because we knew this time it was “for real”.

Life Lately: November 2017

Little did we know our first nephew was on the way! 

Life Lately: October 2017

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