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Most people who aren’t from Michigan don’t know about these dunes nestled on the western shore – I only knew of the secret Silver Lake sand because one summer my parents loaded up our minivan with coolers & lawn chairs & all four of us girls & made the trip north from Ohio. We stayed in a little motel run by the sweetest old couple, traversed the huge, hot dunes by day and swam in the motel’s pool drinking little styrofoam cups of hot chocolate from the lobby by night. 

Most of these photos were taken on my 24th birthday. It was such a sentimental one – we were almost packed to get on a plane and move back to the mainland. We completely forgot we’d taken them until a few months after we’d settled into Michigan, so opening these files from the lab was a sweet surprise. 

To Really See It: June 2016

Every time I see these I’m reminded that people make a place. Of course we miss the ocean & fresh fruit & tropicaly-ness (just go with it) of Hawaii but more than anything, we miss our friends.

To Really See It: May 2016

This broken film camera we thrifted for 15 bucks right before we got married is my best way of really seeing our life. Unexpected & spontaneous blessings, day after day. And I’m excited to share some of that here each month. 

To Really See It: April 2016

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