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These two had many setbacks due to COVID, but they handled it all with grace. They ended up eloping near their hometown in Seattle, WA and then planned to have the big celebration out in Hawaii at Sunset Ranch on the North Shore of Oahu. When another wave of COVID came through, they had to […]

Life lately in Hawai’i: waking up to the roosters crowing and bull frogs croaking in our backyard before the sunrises, enjoying the 20 yard walk to the ocean to watch the morning wake up, climbing rocks and stuff on our weekly hikes, hanging with friends in the North Shore tide pools, snorkeling in the clear water, and spending whole days getting sunburnt in the big blue 🙂

Life Lately: January 2018

Here are two fun, witty people who are comfortable in their own skin…not to mention creative, loving & generous. 

Tracy and Keith Celebrate 15 Years

Every time I see these I’m reminded that people make a place. Of course we miss the ocean & fresh fruit & tropicaly-ness (just go with it) of Hawaii but more than anything, we miss our friends.

To Really See It: May 2016

These two spent their first year of dating separated by the ocean, communicating only through Brad’s written letters

Meredith and Brad are Engaged in Lanikai

These two are made for each other: the speeches they read to one another at their reception were humbling and refreshing for every married couple to hear. 

Denise and Adam are Married

The way Roxy and Skee live out their days is inspiring.

Roxy and Skee Go Surfing

These are photographs of people doing something they love with someone they love. And we were just lucky to be along for the ride.

Kainani and Chris go Kayaking

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