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They had dreamed of including their kids in this commitment so that someday, when everyone is a little older, Lola and Benson will be able to look back at these photos and see they were a part of it all along.

A roll of black and white film from a quick camping trip to celebrate warmer days!

Life Lately: June 2017

This trip goes down as one of our all-time favorite family vacations because it reminded us to enjoy & soak in the small and simply things in life: great company, warm, crackling fires, star-filled skies, colorful sunsets, good food, stillness, the ability to walk & hike & smell & see & taste & hear. 

Klenke Vacation at Spider Lake

And after all was said and done, they told us it was the best trip of their lives.

Marissa and Ian are Married in Cabo

Birthday cakes and baby announcements (!!!!) and an overall reminder that life wouldn’t be near as sweet without the love of family.

Life Lately: May 2017

Next time, we’re renting boards. 

A Few Days in Cabo San Lucas

Sunshine, friendships and two hearts at peace with where we are and where we’re headed.

Life Lately: April 2017

Reese’s beard was growing longer and my patience was growing shorter – we missed hiking and camping and the warmth of the sun and smelling like dirt and falling into bed exhausted from a day well-spent in God’s great outdoors.

Winter Camping in Northern Michigan

If we would return here now the photos would look a lot different because our hearts have changed.

Two Days in León, Nicaragua

J&B enjoy the simple things in life, like grabbing a beer in Columbus, watching the sun set… and helping their dog Tybee drink from water fountains across the city, ha! 

Jenna and Brendan are Engaged

We had been making a pretty big decision at this time of the year and the weight of it was heavy and exhausting – you can feel it in these photos. 

To Really See It: March 2017

When he saw her for the first time on their wedding day, he wasn’t the only one with tears in his eyes. 

Kate and Allan are Married in Des Moines

After hiking something crazy like 100 miles out in California, Pete decided it’d be a good time to propose to Libby! 

Libby and Pete Elope to the Big Island of Hawaii

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