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Life is magic. Death is magic. And looking through these photos I’d like to add that the seasons in between it all are magic, too.

Or, another way to put it, the Christmas of Kira.

To Really See It: Christmas 2016

They’ve been together for ten years and are using their high school prom picture for their save-the-date invitations – does it get any better?! 

Megan and Dan are Engaged

Here are two people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and have not only an earnest, tangible love for each other but for every single person present in these photos.

Audrey and Hayden are Married

After we get back from a trip, we drop all our film off as fast as we can & patiently/impatiently wait for the call that says we can pick up our scans (!!!!) Then we snuggle on the couch & pop in CD after CD & get to re-live it all over again.

To Really See It: November 2016

We’re so excited for them & hope people can take a note from these two: it’s about the marriage, not the wedding, so don’t get too caught up in what everyone else wants you to do. 

Marissa and Ian are Engaged

Ash and Alex weren’t stressed about the little things and just focused on each other and the people who traveled so far to spend their wedding with them.

Ashley and Alex are Married in Maui

I had almost finished it when I accidentally opened the back (don’t ask, I still don’t know how that happened) & ruined the entire roll. I was devastated.

To Really See It: October 2016

Nothing about Amy and Dan’s elopement was a production: it was filled with simple, sincere details and meaning – right down to the 18 guests there.

Amy & Danny Eloped

We’re thankful for people who love their homes well, use them to host other people & don’t get into a fuss about everything needing to be or stay perfect.

Abbey and Jake and Their First Anniversary

THIS TRIP. This trip was its own category of ridonkulousness. It was a great reminder to me that travel can be both a) crazy frustrating & b) incredibly fulfilling.

To Really See It: September 2016

Vai and Mark had us photograph five days of their trip/wedding weekend celebration: the last day was just the two of them hanging out cliffside near Nakalele Blowhole.

Mark and Vai Day After near Lahaina, Maui

The wedding came together in a way that was reflective of them – suave & fashionable with a touch of whimsy.

Vai and Mark are Married at Ponomakena Sanctuary

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