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Kristy spent tons of time back in this valley when she was a kid, racing over the boulders in the river with all of her cousins.

Lois spotted Etu in the college cafeteria & whispered to her friend, “He looks like an angel carved out of wood!”

Etu and Lois are Married

These two spent their first year of dating separated by the ocean, communicating only through Brad’s written letters

Meredith and Brad are Engaged in Lanikai

These two are made for each other: the speeches they read to one another at their reception were humbling and refreshing for every married couple to hear. 

Denise and Adam are Married

This is for the entire Haintz/Walker crew: what a classy, simple day rich in ways that matter – quality time spent with family & friends.

Lennie and Quentin are Married at Turtle Bay

We wish everyone reading this could meet them in person but for now we hope the people who know & love them can look at their engagement photos & say, “these are so Danny Donuts & Ames to Blames.”

Amy and Danny are Engaged

The emotion in these speaks for itself, but we have to say: it’s hard to find a couple out there with such genuine admiration & respect for each other.

Catie and Michael are Just Married

The way Joe looks at his girl (& vice versa) – with some people you can practically see the adoration oozing out of them for their person.

Reghan and Joe are Married

Miriam & Lawrence flew to Hawaii for a little vacation… annnd to elope in secret!

Miriam and Laurence Eloped

It was all about the in between moments with these two.

Jackie and Mike

In a world that’s increasingly about protecting an image and saving face, this kind of easygoing authenticity is a breath of fresh air.

Ilima and Chris are Engaged

The way Roxy and Skee live out their days is inspiring.

Roxy and Skee Go Surfing

Her dad married them with a ceremony so meaningful that even one of the groomsmen cried.

Christie and Jonny are Married

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