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A month of standing and scaling the brown couch that will forever be in the background of all our photos! More teeth, more crying…more crying…more…Playing in the rain with our kids will always be a favorite past-time of ours.

August was the month we found out how much Seea Grace loves the ocean and crawling on the beach! One evening we set her down and she just squealed as she crawled along the golden-green sand; even when waves would come up to her, she’d just charge right through 🙂 It was amazing to see the transformation of their friendship grow as they’d look at each other and just start laughing; it melted our hearts.

Life Lately: August 2019

June was a restful month after all the craziness that took place in May. We spent lots of time outside, going to the beaches, dipping Seea deeper into the ocean (which shocked her at first and was cold to her little skin), walks at Turtle Bay, more rainbows, and our first (and possibly last!) family photos as a group of 3.

Life Lately: June 2019

It was Ross & Heather’s 20th wedding anniversary and they wanted photos to remember this season with their two sons 🙂 They had gone to a luau at Waimea Valley the night before where Ross sprained his ankle and had to go to the ER so for the whole shoot, he had a boot on his foot! They were total champs about it and we even walked all around Kawela Bay: to the beach, the banyan tree, and then out to the point to catch the sunset 🙂

Vittore Fam – Vacation at Turtle Bay Resort

We met up with Nicole & Jim at Maui Brewing Co several months before their wedding where she told us two things: #1 don’t stay too late because Jim’s friends get crazy and #2 that Jim hates having photos taken. We said “awesome!”

Nicole & Jim – Married at Turtle Bay’s White Chapel on the Point

This is for the entire Haintz/Walker crew: what a classy, simple day rich in ways that matter – quality time spent with family & friends.

Lennie and Quentin are Married at Turtle Bay

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