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Our mantra when we travel has always been to cut cost wherever we can so we can prioritize our money and spend big on what mattered most to us: experiences! This often meant being limited to only a carry-on (and sometimes not even that) as we would book the cheapest flight just to get us […]

This was one of the most intimate weddings I’ve ever photographed and here’s why… Emily & Carl planned to get married the previous year, but between COVID and her father having cancer, they pushed the date back to 2021. It seemed to only enhance their wedding day emotions & sweetness – her dad was in […]

Backyard Hawaii Island Elopement – Emily & Carl

August was the month we found out how much Seea Grace loves the ocean and crawling on the beach! One evening we set her down and she just squealed as she crawled along the golden-green sand; even when waves would come up to her, she’d just charge right through 🙂 It was amazing to see the transformation of their friendship grow as they’d look at each other and just start laughing; it melted our hearts.

Life Lately: August 2019

“I did the impossible – got a Kauai boy to move to Oahu,” Kirsten laughs. These two are a perfect example of how in the best of relationships, a husband and wife make one another better. Better friends, better employees, better advocates for this planet. We are so grateful to know them and can’t wait to see what they do for the Hawaiian islands in their marriage.

Kirsten & Kyle – Married at Waimea’s Anna Ranch on the Big Island

This month brought about more rainbows, Thanksgiving with friends, big surf, and pictures of the bump… If you don’t see us for awhile, it’s because baby K is here and we’re adoring everything about him/her 🙂

Life Lately: November 2018

Life lately in Hawai’i: waking up to the roosters crowing and bull frogs croaking in our backyard before the sunrises, enjoying the 20 yard walk to the ocean to watch the morning wake up, climbing rocks and stuff on our weekly hikes, hanging with friends in the North Shore tide pools, snorkeling in the clear water, and spending whole days getting sunburnt in the big blue 🙂

Life Lately: January 2018

After hiking something crazy like 100 miles out in California, Pete decided it’d be a good time to propose to Libby! 

Libby and Pete Elope to the Big Island of Hawaii

This is the result of astronomical return plane ticket prices inviting us to stay a little longer & return a little later.

To Really See It: January 2017

Here are two fun, witty people who are comfortable in their own skin…not to mention creative, loving & generous. 

Tracy and Keith Celebrate 15 Years

Most of these photos were taken on my 24th birthday. It was such a sentimental one – we were almost packed to get on a plane and move back to the mainland. We completely forgot we’d taken them until a few months after we’d settled into Michigan, so opening these files from the lab was a sweet surprise. 

To Really See It: June 2016

This broken film camera we thrifted for 15 bucks right before we got married is my best way of really seeing our life. Unexpected & spontaneous blessings, day after day. And I’m excited to share some of that here each month. 

To Really See It: April 2016

Lois spotted Etu in the college cafeteria & whispered to her friend, “He looks like an angel carved out of wood!”

Etu and Lois are Married

These two spent their first year of dating separated by the ocean, communicating only through Brad’s written letters

Meredith and Brad are Engaged in Lanikai

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